How to Improve your Cabbage Soup Diet

Out of the many diet programs and regimes followed around the world, one of the popular ones is a cabbage soup diet. A cabbage soup diet is a very well-known fad diet which is designed around the heavy consumption of a low calorie cabbage soup over a period of about 7 days. It is a short term weight loss diet which requires no long term commitment as well.

It claims to help you lose about 10 pounds in a time period of about a week.  If you are someone who has been trying the cabbage soup diet but haven’t been seeing too many results, then the following are some of the ways through which you can improve this diet.

improve your cabbage soup diet

Buy a Good Multivitamin before Starting the Diet

One of the first steps that you can follow to improve your cabbage soup diet is to buy yourself a good multivitamin before starting the diet.  You can add this multivitamin to your 7 day diet as vitamins and minerals can help you to lose weight in a healthy manner.  When you are on a diet such as the cabbage soup diet, then you are missing out on certain nutrients which the multivitamin can help you fill in.

Drink Protein Shakes in the Afternoon and in the Morning

If you do not take in protein while following the cabbage soup diet then the body will melt away your muscle mass. But to avoid this, you can consume protein shakes in the morning time as well as in the afternoon during the diet regime.

Cook a Pot of Cabbage Soup Differently Each Time

In order to vary the taste, make sure you try a different version of the recipe each time. By doing so, you won’t be saturating yourself of one particular taste for the entire week.

Drink a Lot of Water

Another great way to improve upon the cabbage soup diet is to stay very hydrated and drink atleast 12-16 glasses or 250 ml of water every day.

Fill Cabbage Soup in a Thermos while going out

When you are on a cabbage soup diet, then in order to make sure that you don’t starve yourself, you must fill a thermos with cabbage soup and take it with you whenever you go out.


In order to speed your metabolism up during a cabbage soup diet routine, you must do cardiovascular exercises regularly.