Add More To Your Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

Wanting to shed those holiday pounds? Looking forward to summer getaways? If so, you need a serious diet that can whip you back into shape in no time.

You simply must get hold of the cabbage soup diet recipe. This diet has been tried and tested by so many people worldwide and is one of the popular diets of all time.

The famous cabbage soup diet recipe was created by a team of doctors to help their obese patients lose weight before going through the knife.

Although experts have denied this, the cabbage soup diet recipe is still one of the most shared recipes all over the internet because of its ability to make a person lose 10 pounds in a week.

Cabbage soup diet may just be another crash diet but it sure is effective. This 7-day diet guarantees to help you shed off pounds without even exercising.

The cabbage soup diet recipe has become very popular especially to those who want to lose weight fast and have no time for a daily workout.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

Day 1: Along with the soup, eat any fruits of any amount.  However, bananas are an exception.

Day 2: Along with the soup, eat any vegetables in any amount including baked potatoes.  Applying butter to your food is not advisable.

Day 3: Your day 3 diet should combine the guidelines during the first two days.  Any fruits and vegetables are fine along with the soup, except bananas.  For Day 3, potatoes are also highly discouraged.

Day 4: You are finally allowed to eat bananas, along with the soup.  You can also pair bananas with skim milk.  Maximum number of servings recommended is 8.

Day 5: A 20-ounce serving of beef, skinned chicken or fish is now allowed, including soup. It is also advisable to take in 6 servings of tomatoes with 8 glasses of water and at least one serving of the soup.

Day 6: Same guidelines in Day 5 apply.

Day 7: You can already eat brown rice, vegetables and freshly squeezed juice, along with soup.

How to spice up traditional cabbage soup diet recipe?

1. Use substitutes

    Bananas are the most restricted fruit in the cabbage soup diet recipe. Avoid them during the first three days of the diet. Instead, substitute them with other fruits like mangoes, oranges, apples, and berries.

    2. Use herbs and spices

      Cabbage soups need to be as delicious as other soups if you want to stick to it for seven days. Make your soup more flavorful and aromatic by adding some herbs and spices.

      Herbs are known to help lose weight while spicy ingredients can burn fats. Top your soup with fresh or dried herbs or garnish with cayenne pepper.

      3. Load up on juices

        If you are tired of eating fruits, make them into freshly squeezed juices. You can blend two or three kinds of fruits at the same time or make a fruit shake with crushed ice for a refreshing treat. Be sure not to add sugar or milk.