Atkins Diet Menu With Low Carbohydrates To Lose Weight!

Atkins Diet MenuAtkins diet menu is the effective way to lose your weight by removing carbohydrates from your body.

Depending upon your body weight, you have to choose the required source of energy from the diet menu.

This Atkins diet menu provides high amount of fat and protein and reduces amount of carbs in your body.

The half of the amount of your calories comes from carbs. So, you can reduce your weight by reducing the amount of calories.

How can you make this Atkins diet menu in a day?

Breakfast diet plan is as follows:

By following this below mentioned breakfast, you get only 2grams of carbs. Prepare this breakfast by taking 1cup of ham, three eggs which are beaten and then sprinkle red chili powder. Now you can consume it to lose weight.

Or you can take burritos breakfast; this is prepared by heating skillet and make 1cup of ham as brown in bit of bitter. Then add eggs to this roasted ham and scramble it. Then you can add torn cheddar of ¼ cup.

Now this mixture is totally stirred and encapsulated in a lettuce leaf. Then the breakfast burritos is ready to consume. This breakfast consists of low carbs so your weight reduces.

Lunch diet plan is as follows:

For lunch, you can prefer diet which includes only carbs of 4grams. These four grams are obtained from the half ground beef browned, 2 cups of lettuce which are torn, 2table spoons of sour cream, 2table spoons of salsa, ¼ cup shredded cheddar and layer of a taco salad are combined and taken as lunch.

Dinner diet plan is as follows:

For dinner you can take diet which includes only carbs of 7grams. You can get these 7carbs by taking crust less quiche.

You can also follow typical Atkins diet menu as follows:

Breakfast for typical menu of Atkins is as follows:

In this diet menu, you can take one fried egg and bacon. Along with this, you can also take a cup of decaff coffee with single cream.

Following lunch for typical Atkins diet menu:

You can take chicken breast topped with mozzarella. Then this chicken is taken along with 170grams of lettuce leaves and thrown with olive oil.

Following dinner for typical Atkins diet menu:

You can take 80 oz pan fried rump steak along with spinach leaves and sour cream.

Snacks of Atkins diet menu is as follows:

You can take two slices of ham.

By following this diet your weight is reduced by 1-2lb because this diet is low in calories, carbs and fiber.

Atkins diet menu benefits:

  • By following this menu you can get good cardiovascular health.
  • Atkins diet menu will provide you great way to control your blood pressure.
  • If you have high cholesterol, then you can feel beneficial by following this diet.

Atkins diet results in deficiency of vitamins and minerals, so nutritional supplement and multi vitamins are recommended to follow this diet.