5-Bite Diet – Eat Anything You Desire

5 bite dietIt’s not four or six, but exactly five bites that you need to consume at every meal.

This is the most trustworthy diet that allows you to eat whatever you desire and still lose a large amount of weight.

The 5-bite diet allows you to:

  • Drink whatever you want and how much you like as long as it doesn’t have any calories;
  • Eat five bites of anything at lunch;
  • Eat five bites of any food at dinner;
  • Get one multivitamin each day;
  • Take a bit of protein in a day on average;
  • Return to normal eating when you reach your desired weight.

Eating five bites of anything helps to shrink your stomach and it significantly reduces your calorie intake.

Be aware: Side-effects of 5 bite diet:

  • It is not a healthy way to lose weight.
  • Calorie deficiency slows down your body metabolism and leads to fat gain.
  • The diet greatly reduces minerals, nutrients and vitamins. A single multivitamin supplement cannot compensate for all of these.
  • Calorie deficiency leads to less energy and various other complications.
  • Drinking anything that you desire can actually lead to gain more body fat.
  • Following this diet doesn’t teach you proper eating habits.