“3 Day Diet” – Another Fad Diet Or A True Weight Loss Plan?

3 day dietThere have been versions of a 3 day diet around since the 1960s, but this particular one dates back to 1985.

It has stood the test of time possibly because it is easy to understand.

You may have read of the Cleveland Clinic Diet; this actually refers to the 3 day diet, but there is no connection with the Cleveland Clinic.

The 3 day diet doesn’t have any scientific backing; it circulates through the internet in a never-ending cycle. The 3 day diet promises quick weight loss, which is one of the main characteristics of fad diets.

It also promises to lower your cholesterol and give you increased energy. The diet claims to promote a “unique metabolic reaction,” but there is no scientific research to support this claim.

The thing that appeals to most people about the 3 day diet is that you only diet for 3 days of the week and can eat whatever you want for the rest of the time.

Most people figure they can manage to diet for only 3 days. This is the average time that most people stick to a diet anyway.

The 3 day diet says you will lose up to 10 pounds in the 3 days of the diet. This would be so because you will generally lose this much in fluid loss in the first week of any diet. However, to lose weight and keep it off, you need to lose fat from your body, not just fluid.

The strict eating plan appeals to some dieters because it is easy to follow and no choices have to be made. The 3 day diet plan doesn’t give you any information about controlling portion sizes, unfortunately, although you are warned against compulsive overeating. You are told to stick strictly to the plan, and to eat even if you don’t feel hungry.

What are the negatives of the 3 day diet plan?

Sadly, the 3 day diet makes no mention of exercise. Fitness and weight loss experts all agree that trying to lose weight without exercising, is doing it the hard way.

You need to be active to burn extra calories, build muscles, (which help to burn extra calories) to tone muscles and increase your energy and fitness. Exercise is a vital part of weight loss.

The set menu for the 3 day diet allows you only 1000 calories a day, which is well below the level recommended by health authorities.

You might think this is a good thing, but insufficient calories slow down your metabolism, which means you burn fewer calories and fat. Also, you would be more inclined to over-eat on the “off” days of the diet, and undo all your good work.

The diet plan claims that the combination of foods in the diet creates the “unique metabolic reaction and boost fat burning”.

However, there is nothing to back this up or to explain how the 3 day diet lowers cholesterol, burns fat, cleanses the body and increases energy.

The 3 day diet does not teach you how to change the eating habits that caused you to put weight on, it doesn’t encourage you to adopt a healthier lifestyle or take up regular exercise.

These are the key points in any long-term weight loss program. It is a fad diet that does not create sustainable weight loss.