Weight Loss Vitamins – Reduce Your Weight By Including Food Sources Of Those Vitamins!

Weight Loss VitaminsYou can lose your weight with the help of weight loss vitamins.

The weight loss vitamins work more efficiently with optimum intake of vitamins on your body weight control like hunger, appetite, metabolism of fat, calorie burning, metabolic rate and sugars.

Not only one vitamin, all of the vitamins play a part in maintaining optimum weight and health.

Some of the best vitamins which help you in weight reduction:

You can lose your weight easily by taking some weight loss vitamins and minerals like vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, inositol (part of B-complex) and vitamin c.

Which products will give vitamin B2 (riboflavin)?

You can get vitamin B2 from the products like liver, milk and kidney, eggs, hard cheese, green vegetables, marmite and wheat germ. Normal thyroid function and metabolism can be attained with the help of vitamin B2.

Food sources of weight loss vitamin B3:

Vitamin B3 can be obtained by taking wheat bran, tuna, liver, chicken, turkey, eggs, meat, salmon, mackerel, barley, oats, cheese, wheat flakes, brown rice and dried fruit. Normal hormone production is obtained by taking vitamin B3. This vitamin is released when your blood sugar rises, so it becomes the part of the glucose tolerance factor.

Weight loss vitamin pantothenic acid (vitamin B5):

Energy production and adrenal function is also possible with vitamin B5. Your body can be supplied with vitamin B5 with the good food sources such as kidney and liver, meat, nuts, poultry, wheat bran, wheat gram, wheat flakes, molasses, eggs, beans, oats, grain bread, green vegetables and barley.

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) weight loss vitamin:

You can lose your weight with the food sources of vitamin B6 such as brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, wheat bran, sardines, oats, mackerel, avocado, beef, cabbage, bananas, dried fruit, brown rice, molasses and eggs.

Another weight loss vitamin is Inositol:

This weight loss vitamin is manufactured in your body itself. Inositol is a member of the vitamin B complex. To assist fat metabolism, inositol combines with choline. You can obtain from beef liver, beef heart, soy, citrus fruits, whole grains, wheat germ, nuts and eggs.

Vitamin c for weight reduction:

The proper conversion of glucose to energy in the cells is provided with vitamin c. vitamin c provides you a range of health benefits. You can get vitamin C from the broccoli, black currants, kiwi fruits, Brussels sprouts, oranges, green peppers, strawberries, cabbage and lemons.

Weight loss vitamins which double your burn rate:

You can protect yourself from prostate cancer from vitamin E or vitamin E10. You can maintain physical dexterity and muscle tone with the help of vitamin E. Your calorie burning rate depends on how long you are taking this vitamin. This vitamin E doubles burning of calories which is not possible with any other drug.

Mostly all of the vitamins will help you in weight reduction, so include all the weight loss vitamins in your diet.