Weight Loss Supplements No Good For Weight Loss, Finds Study

The booming weight loss supplement industry, that supposedly produces myriad “Fat burning” and “quick weight loss”, “carb blocking” and “metabolism speeding” products as well as the consumer who has been buying into this for decades, may be in for a rude shock as a new study shows that these weight loss supplements don’t work and are no better than a placebo pills.

weight loss supplementsA German study examined 9 weight loss supplement products and compared their effects with that of placebo or dummy pills in an extensive trial.

Americans spend about $1.6 billion on these products in a year and may be doing nothing more for themselves than wasting their money according to researcher Igho Onakpoya, MSc.

In the study, 9 weight loss supplements containing ‘active ingredients’ such as cabbage powder, Gaurana seed powder(which is supposed to be an appetite suppressant and energy booster), L – carnitine, poly glucosamine, bean extract, Konjac extract, fiber, sodium alginate, or selected plant extracts were examined against placebos.

At the end of the study, there was no meaningful difference noted in the weight loss of the group with the placebo and the one who took the actual supplement.