UK Office Of Fair Trading Warns Against Miracle Weight loss Products

weight loss productHow many times do we hear about the miracle weight loss cures that include such wonder products such as ‘Slim Choc’, amongst others?

Each year millions are spent on these products that profess to be sensational, when in fact there is no evidence that what they actually claim is indeed true.

These supposedly wonder products persuade more than 200 thousand people each year, and amongst the victims nearly 80 percent are women, though there are also many men who are usually persuaded to buy treatments for hair loss or impotence.

These scam products are often aimed at more susceptible people who have serious weight problems, though unfortunately these are often of no worth and can at times be harmful.

The Director of Consumer Protection at the OFT denounced the ‘Slim-Choc’ product, warning consumers against purchasing it.

Thousands of consumers brought this scam product, which professed it was a miracle weight losing cure for obese and overweight people, that would burn off fat without exercise or dieting, and that consumers would lose 20lb in just 20 days, while actually eating chocolate.

People bought a forty-day supply for £37/$50 a pound without having lost one pound in weight by the end of the twenty days, the only loss was their cash.