Spirulina And Weight Loss – Is There A Connection?

Spirulina has been touted by some as being ‘best food for the future’ and there are studies that aim to show that when taken as a dietary supplement, spirulina helps burn more fat and allows you to train harder. Press releases such as this one, elevate it to a miracle food.

As per this study, “Spirulina supplementation induced a significant increase in exercise performance, fat oxidation, and GSH concentration and attenuated the exercise-induced increase in lipid peroxidation.”

Skeptics would quickly say that the study is probably funded by the manufacturers of the supplement; but what is undisputable is that this algae is nutritionally excellent and is possessed of a lot of vitamins and minerals. Plus it has very high proportion of protein and so is popular with nutritionists. It is good for health, however there may not be enough evidence to demonstrate that it is a miracle weight loss pill just yet!