Safe And Natural Appetite Control Supplements

cottage cheeseHave you been trying to lose weight, only to be sabotaged by your hunger?

Do you find it hard to stick to diets because you are always hungry? This is why so many people consider taking appetite control supplements, thinking that they would be able to lose some weight if they didn’t feel hungry all the time.

There is a problem though – many of the appetite control supplements have developed a bad reputation. Some appetite control supplements are ineffective and some could be dangerous. Did you know that amphetamines were once prescribed as appetite suppressants?

Even today, most appetite suppressants are stimulants, so you could get some side effects when you take them. They often consist of caffeine combined with ephedrine, which is a substance that is still under investigation.

How do you know what is safe to take and will actually take away your hunger?

Many people are leaving the chemical products alone and looking for natural appetite control supplements. These are available at health food stores, herbalists and naturopaths.

There are several tried and true herbs that have been used for years to suppress hunger, and they have few side effects, unlike some of the chemical appetite suppressants.

Hoodia is one of the oldest appetite control supplements; taken in moderate amounts on a regular basis, Hoodia has been proven to reduce appetite. Other natural solutions include guarana, guar gum, Jerusalem artichokes, dahlia root, St John’s wort and garcinia.

Guarana helps the body burn fats for energy, as well as being a good appetite control supplement, so it has double the impact on weight loss. Garcinia has been used for centuries as an appetite suppressant and also helps digestion.

Jerusalem artichokes and dahlia root contain a natural fructose that extends the metabolism of carbohydrate, making you feel fuller for longer.

Other natural ways to control your appetite involve understanding how your body works. One of the easiest ways to eliminate hunger pangs is by eating low glycemic carbohydrates.

Many diet plans actually reduce your intake of carbs, but this has a few negatives, including the fact that you feel hungry a lot of the time.

Lean protein also helps keep hunger at bay by lowering insulin in the blood. Fiber-rich foods keep you feeling full by slowing the metabolism of carbs; many people rely on a daily dose of psyllium husks or spirulina.

If you incorporate healthy snacks into your day, you will kill off the hunger pangs. By eating small amounts six times a day, you will always feel full, but you need snacks that are effective as appetite control supplements.

Protein foods like cottage cheese, almonds, and smoothies based on skim milk and fruit, especially berries, are really good and will pick you up mentally as well. Fresh fruit and vegetables make great healthy snacks to help suppress your appetite.

Nuts and seeds are good carbs to help you stave off the hunger. If all else fails, have a glass of water; often hunger pangs are telling us we’re thirsty not hungry, and water is a great appetite control supplement.