Natural Weight Loss Supplements Slammed By The FDA As Anything But Natural

weightloss supplementsThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA, are concerned about what many companies claim to be natural weight loss supplements and drugs.

Most of these potions make claims of incredibly fast and effective weight loss simply by ingesting the product.

According to the FDA there are at least 70 of these “wonder drugs” on the US market all claiming that you can lose large amounts of weight in a short time. They also claim that their products are “all natural” and therefore by definition resumed to be safe and healthy.

But according to the FDA a minimum of 70 of these “natural” products contain a variety of artificial chemicals and medications. This of course makes them not “herbal, natural, or drug free” as the company’s packaging and advertising often claims.

Many of these natural weight loss concoctions are nothing more than disguised diuretics or laxatives and in some cases even contain anti-seizure drugs.

What is more the FDA believes that this is only the tip of the weight loss iceberg and that they will discover many more dubious claims in just the next few weeks.

The FDA also discovered that some of these weight loss remedies actually include some drugs that the organization has refused a license for. These include a chemical medication known as rimonabant known to have serious side-effects.

Other natural weight loss products contain significant amounts of prescription medications such as Meridia that by definition cannot legally be sold without a doctor’s note.

Even worse is the fact that these drugs are often used in conjunction with other medications within the same supplements and often in high doses.

The FDA says that there is often absolutely no research into what the possible effects of combining these different substances and the ingestion of more than recommended dosage amounts might have on the human body.