Know all about Irvingia Weight Loss Supplement

Irvingia Gabonensis is a native tree of West Africa and the fruit of this tree is similar to a mango. This fruit is often used in certain recipes and foods in Africa and some other parts of the world and its seeds are widely used in medicine.

Since the fruit and the seeds offer many medical and health benefits, Irvingia is turned into a supplement and used for the treatment of many conditions. Irvingia weight loss supplements too are very popular since this natural product aids weight loss. The following is some more information about Irvingia weight loss supplement.

know all about irvingia weight loss supplement

  • What happens is that Irvingia Gabonensis seeds have the ability to lower the cholesterol levels in the body because of the fact that they consist of a lot of fiber. This fiber content tends to remove the extra cholesterol from the body, which then leads to weight loss.
  • Some research work done in the past also suggests that Irvingia Gabonensis seeds also affect fat cells which in turn leads to reducing of fat cell growth and increase in the breakdown of fats.
  • Irvingia weight loss supplements made from seed extracts help to reduce weight in people who are overweight and this works even better if the supplements are combined with a low calories diet.

Side Effects of Irvingia Weight Loss Supplements

Irvingia Gabonensis is mostly considered safe for adults when a crude seed extract is taken for up to 4 weeks or in the case when a certain specific standardized seed extract known as IGOB131 is used for upto 10 weeks. Some of the common side effects include headaches, flatulence and sleep problems.

Precautions and Warnings

  • There is no research that proves that this natural product or supplement is safe to consume during pregnancy or while breast feeding. It is better to avoid use of it during these phases.
  • Also, since Irvingia tends to lower the blood sugar levels in the body, it must not be taken by those who already have lower blood sugar levels. One must watch for signs of blood sugar going too low which is also known as hypoglycaemia.
  • Irvingia Gabonensis may interfere with blood sugar control during and even after any kind of surgery and hence its use must be avoided 2 weeks before a scheduled surgical procedure or any kind of operation.