Guarana For Weight Control And Health

guaranaAmong the seemingly millions of weight loss programs, plans (and gimmicks) that are available on the Net, few combine effectiveness and ease of use as well as the (relatively) new guarana supplement.

Guarana is a shrub found growing in the Amazon Basin, mostly in Brazil.

The guarana berry has been used for centuries in the Brazilian culture, but has only recently been commercialized in the U.S.

There are many advocates of the use of guarana for increasing energy and stamina, and in stimulating the cognitive process.

Guarana contains caffeine in a considerably larger percentage than found in coffee or tea, and its effects are similar as a stimulant.  However, the research that has been done so far indicates that the guarana seed has other beneficial properties.

Guarana has been shown to offer antioxidant and antibacterial effects, as well as increasing memory retention and physical endurance.

It also seems to act as an appetite inhibitor, causing the user to feel ‘full’ after less food consumption. In a 2007 study of its effects on the human body, an improvement was recorded in mood, as well as in memory and alertness.

In another study, a test group taking a combination of guarana, yerba mate and damiana showed an average weight loss of over eleven pounds in 45 days, as opposed to one pound in the group taking a placebo. There is also evidence of increased fat cell reduction.

To date, no negative effects from the use of guarana have been discovered. This plant extract can be obtained in various energy drinks and in capsule form, and is inexpensive and quite effective compared to other weight loss supplements.