Fennel For Appetite Suppression And Health

fennelThere are many different herbal remedies which claim to help with weight loss, most of them are available as a supplement from your local pharmacy and health food store.

Widely acknowledged as a herb that will suppress the appetite, fennel is also scientifically proven to assist the breaking down of fats and sugars in the pancreas and liver. Fennel is effective at the stimulation of the metabolic rate and helps to prevent fat build up.

As well as helping to reduce high cholesterol levels, cinnamon is good for digestion and is also known to work on controlling the level of blood sugars that exist in the body.

Mustard seeds are easily added to the diet and will improve digestion and make you feel much more energetic.

With all the qualities of caffeine but none of the many side effects, citrus aurantium is an excellent all rounder. It is an antioxidant, helps to suppress the appetite and even reduces cholesterol levels. Useful for, stimulating the stomach’s digestion system.

Kelp is a very healthy substance and will provide an increase in energy levels. It contains a well balanced mixture of iodine and minerals, the former will be good for bones and the immune system.

As a detox, kelp is great for the whole body, muscles and the thyroid will also benefit from its intake.

There are other useful herbs such as Astragalus which will increase the body’s resistance to various stress factors. Butchers Broom is great for improving blood circulation and Spirulina is a very good source of vitamin B12.