Use of Cortisol Blocker Supplement to Reduce Weight

The market offers a range of ‘cortisol-blocking’ products and they upright claim to help with weight loss. However, there are many associated facts to these cortisol blocker supplements that should be known before proceeding with this remedy for weight control.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone (which is also known as glucocorticoid), produced by the adrenal gland on regular basis and also increases while in response to stress. Cortisol is essential to regulate many bodily functions and unfortunately, it is also a reason for weight gain since it is responsible for the production of glucose from protein and fats. Therefore, these supplements that claim to reduce cortisol levels imply that they aid in weight loss.

use of cortisol blocker supplement to reduce weight

How Cortisol Increases Weight?

The reason for inclusion of cortisol blockers in the weight reducing supplements is as follows –

  • Cortisol produces glucose from the fats and proteins and this way our body fat gets increased and is used up in some other activities. Also the excess protein gets stored up in our system.
  • Cortisol is responsible for allowing the production of insulin. This leads to increase in weight as insulin enhances glucose absorption into our blood stream and this further leads to higher glucose level in our blood.
  • Cortisol can also produce glucose and this is consumed in greater quantity when we are out of breath. It happens more after a heavy workout session.

How Does Cortisol Blockers Help?

The benefits of using cortisol blockers are as follows:

  • It helps in bringing down the glucose level in our system and this way we are saved from potential weight gain. It also prevents breakdown of proteins, which otherwise would get stored as excess body fat.
  • Cortisol blockers also helps in burning body fat. We often indulge in binge eating which results in accumulation of fat.In such cases, cortisol blockers help a lot.
  • It is often available as a diet pill in medicine shops as it aids in weight loss big time.
  • Another unique quality of cortisol blockers is that it also helps in improving memory.One can also reduce their stress levels with the help of cortisol blockers.

What To Keep In Mind Before Taking This Supplement?

Check for the ingredients before you take these supplements. Most of these pills are sold as fat loss formulas and many of them are not genuine as well. As it comes in the form of tablets and pills, check the composition before you consume them.