Weight Loss With Green Tea Pills Or Drinks

green teaIt seems that at least half the population of the United States is engrossed in a frantic search for a miracle diet pill.

Most of us are aware that no such thing exists. However, if you are looking, not for a miracle, but for safe, effective and long-term weight loss and maintenance, the good news is green tea.

One of the greatest attractions of green tea as an aid to safe and sustainable weight loss is its convenience. If you don’t have time to brew three or four cups of tea every day, many reputable companies offer it in condensed tablets or capsules.

Though more research is needed over a longer time period to establish the optimum dosage needed to provide all the potential benefits of green tea and its powerful component EGCG, there is no doubt that these benefits are available.

Among the proven results of green tea consumption are antioxidant and antiviral effects. The polyphenol known as EGCG, found in substantial quantities in green tea, has been proven to lower the risk of heart attack, help prevent arthritis and skin cancer, and to slow the onset of mental decline.

The value of EGCG in assisting weight loss is the increase in metabolic rate, resulting in a faster and more effective conversion of calories to energy.

Many studies have shown a significant increase in pounds shed by subjects who supplemented their controlled diet with green tea, whether in liquid or concentrated form.

Like every other weight loss program, the green tea ‘diet’ must include all the factors needed to promote and maintain a fit, healthy body. Proper nutrition and consistent exercise are the crucial ingredients in any successful diet – and in good mental and physical health.