PRCP Discovery Opens Door To New Weight Loss Drug

weight loss pillYale school of medical sciences discovered that lowering levels of particular key enzyme in brain is responsible for increased energy levels and decreased appetite. PRCP (prolylcarboxypeptidase) is the enzyme which is responsible for weight loss.

PRCP is located in hypothalamus and helps in regulation of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone levels, which is a peptide known for inhibiting food intake and stimulating energy levels.

“Our research provides the first evidence that breaking down molecules in the brain that regulate metabolism is an important component of weight control,” said senior author Sabrina Diano, associate professor in the Departments of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, and Neurobiology.

Researchers conducted the study in congenic mice that had PRCP removed and in those which are naturally lean. They found that blocking the PRCP enzyme keeps the alpha-MSH peptides from being degraded, resulting in higher levels of alpha-MSH and decreased appetite.

Source: Science daily