Capsiplex – A Pill For Weight Loss

weight loss pillRed hot chili peppers and hot foods are supposed to help us lose weight because they create heat within the body and speed up the metabolism.

This concept now comes neatly and conveniently encapsulated in a pill that claims to help you lose weight, called Capsiplex.

Supposed to have been used by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez, Capsiplex contains capsaicinoids, which are the active components of chilies.

It is this component that is thought to burn fat and carbs, up the body’s metabolic rate, and increase oxygenation of the body while exercising.

It is also claimed by the manufacturers that the product negates the usually stomach and digestive irritation that eating very spice items can cause – the capsule coating is said to be of a special composition that withstands the stomach acids and breaks down only upon reaching the upper bowel.

Clinical trials of the diet pill have been seen to be quite successful and effective and the drug is already very popular in the United Kingdom.

Experts however do warn that the efficacy of the drug over a longer term may not be the same; that it may taper off. Also they warn of side effects such as getting panic attacks and hot flushes.