Weight Loss Medications If Dietary And Physical Methods Are Not Working On You!

Weight Loss MedicationsIf you are overweight, then you will be inactive in doing any type of work.

In this condition, you need a simple medicine for losing your weight; this medicine is the weight loss medication.

In this computer world every activity is done mechanically, so your physical activities are reduced and your weight starts increasing.

You can follow this method if you cannot spend time in doing weight loss activities. With this increase of weight, you will face many problems such as obesity, hypertension, heart problems and other problems.

If you are a typical obese patient then you can observe effective results of these weight loss medications. In the past, many physicians did not support these medications due to their side effects.

But now many medications are developed with fewer side effects. The modern weight loss medications are safe and effective to use.

The modern weight loss medications will provide you sufficient weight loss to improve health and will decrease the risk of chronic diseases

Following are the weight loss medications and respective side effects:

If you have body mass of 25 to 28 then you can find difference in your weight by using orlistat sixty mg plus diet to placebo plus diet. This treatment is for four months. If you follow this treatment you can reduce 5% of your baseline weight and diet lost to 3.3%.

Xenical(orlistat 120mg) is a medication which is used for absorption of dietary fat. The unabsorbed dietary fat cause changes in your bowel habits.

If you follow this treatment you can reduce changes in the bowel habits. This will prevent the absorption of fats into intestines. You should take 120mg of xenical three times a day.

Side effects caused due xenical: Frequent oily bowel movements, diarrhea, bloating and abdominal pain.

Sibutramine drug of 10mg is used once in a day. But, this will cause side effects like headache, increased blood pressure, dry mouth, constipation and insomnia.

For short term use you can prefer medications such as Phentermine. If you use this short term drugs, you can obtain only temporary weight loss. This drug suppresses your appetite.

You can take weight loss medications in the following situations:

These weight loss medications will provide optimum results when used along with healthy diet and regular exercise. You can prefer weight loss medications when suffering from weight related problems.

If you are unable to lose weight by taking healthy diet and exercise, then you can achieve best results by using weight loss medications.

  • If you are facing obesity related medical complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnea you can use weight loss medications.
  • If your body mass index is more than 27, then also you can use these medications.

Finally keep in your mind that you have to choose weight loss medications depending upon your goal weight and by validating whether your body can survive these mild side effects.