Natural Supplements for Weight loss in Children

One of the biggest problems of society at the moment is that obese children are growing more in number. In order to take care of this problem, some specialists suggest natural supplements for weight loss in children. If your child is struggling with this problem there are some supplements you could try.

Natural Supplements for Weight loss in Children


Although this is one of the supplements that are often used by parents, some of the specialists are concerned.

The supplement is known as PediaLean that is based upon glucomannan. This product came to life as a weight loss aid.

According to the producing company, this one of the natural weight loss supplements is supposed to expand in the body and induce a sensation of fullness. Nonetheless the ingredients can also lead to intestinal obstruction and abdominal cramping.


When looking for natural supplements for weight loss in children, a lot of parents opt for these products that are meant to increase the urine amount of children. The truth is that these supplements can cause temporary weight loss by flushing the excess water from the body.

The sad truth about the natural supplements for children’s weight loss is that the ingredients aren’t safe for children and under no circumstances should they be given to them. The main ingredient is uva ursi that can lead to health problems, such as liver damage or even death.

Garcinia Cambogia

Even though you might be looking for natural supplements for weight loss in children, you may find products made using hydroxyl citric acid.

This can naturally be found in the garcinia cambogia fruit. The truth is that this ingredient doesn’t even speed up the weight loss process that much.

There were no clinical trials regarding this product. In fact, the product never got the approval of the FDA and it was discontinued some time ago.

In case you are thinking about giving natural supplements for weight loss in children to your children, first you should think about the possible side effects. You may find that they can do more harm than good. Usually it is best to suggest children to practice sports and to have a healthy diet instead of offering them pills at young ages. Remember there is no magic pill for treating obesity.