Green Tea Supplements for Weight Loss

The green tea supplements for weight loss may be referred to as dietary supplements made of green tea extracts. Green tea extracts are the herbal derivatives drawn off of the green tea leaves. In the recent years the properties of green tea to help in weight reduction have come in light. The demand and thus the use of green tea have risen steeply in a comparatively shorter span. There is a range of green tea supplements for weight loss available today. A number of natural/ herbal product manufacturing firms produce and provide green tea supplements for weight loss.


The green tea supplements come in varied forms for example they come in the form ofgreen tea extract pills and also in form of green tea leaves. A few supplement names are as follows:

  • Pro Lab Thermo Fire Capsules are a form of supplements for weight losswhich aim at increasing metabolic rates and are available worldwide. They include green tea extracts along with a few other extracts.
  • Vista Green Tea Extract tablets- 400 mgs are also a variation of the green tea weight loss supplements. Green tea extracts are the main ingredient in the making of the tablets.

Benefits of the Green Tea Extract Tablets

Weight loss is stated as the most obvious and important benefit of green tea. But there has been quite some debate regarding the ability of the green tea supplements for weight loss to actually assist in burning fat or losing weight. The debate has not seen a consolidated empirical verdict. But there have been multiple supporters boasting of experiencing weight loss with help of green tea extract supplements for weight loss.

Other benefits of the green tea extract supplements are as follows:

  • The caffeine content in the green tea extracts help in increasing the mental alertness of the individual.
  • It has been observed to prevent bladder, ovarian and pancreatic cancers.
  • It helps those individuals, particularly the elderly who have low blood pressure issues.
  • It has been observed that the green tea extracts help in decreasing the high level of fat like triglycerides or cholesterol in the blood of an individual.


The lack of consolidated evidence that green tea definitely helps weight loss may result in individual opting for other alternatives. The natural green tea brewing is said to be better than taking the supplement tablets. Another alternative to the tablets is to frame a proper exercising regime and take ahealthy diet along with it.