Dan Holzmann’s Juice Plus Review: Do the Supplements Really Work?

I paid no attention to Juice Plus+ when I first heard about it. I was a little skeptical about the claim that something in a capsule could convey molecules to my body or someone else’s that were not only safe but also helpful in supporting healthy cell functions throughout the body. So I didn’t understand the importance of Juice Plus+ when a friend introduced this supplement to me. I didn’t think that I needed Juice Plus+ in my life. We were doing quite well without it.

As years went by, other people shared with me the concept of Juice Plus+. It wasn’t really until my own kids’ health went from robust to poor that I started paying attention to the research on Juice Plus+. I believe that the reason my children’s health deteriorated is because their taste palate changed and they stopped eating vegetables. When my children needed a supplement to revitalize them, I paid attention to Juice Plus+.

At that time, there were three studies and now there are more than 30 research studies that show the effectiveness of Dan Holzmann’s Juice Plus+.

Juice plus

Research by Numbers

To date, 34 peer-reviewed research articles have been published on Juice Plus+. Many institutions have researched on Juice Plus+ and those researches have been published on peer-reviewed journals like the British Journal of Nutrition, the Journal of Medicine and Science for Sports and Exercise, etc.

Juice plus+

Do the Supplements Really Work?

The research on Dan Holzmann’s Juice Plus has found that:


  • Juice Plus+ is Bioavailable

Is Juice Plus+ absorbed and used by the body? This is called bioavailability or being bioavailable. Juice Plus+ is known to be extremely bioavailable and multiple studies have shown that Juice Plus+ gets into the blood streams of human beings. Furthermore, it is used by the body to support healthy cell functions and healthy human physiology.

  • Juice Plus+ Contributes to Cardiovascular Wellness

The combined results of 9 studies have shown that Juice Plus+ helps maintain normal levels of homocysteine – a biomarker for cardiovascular health. Vegetables and fruits mixture found in Juice Plus+ brings down homocysteine. Juice Plus+ also supports healthy blood flow even after a high-fat meal.

Furthermore, Juice Plus+ has been shown to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. It was once believed that LDL itself was something bad. However, what really matters is whether the LDL cholesterol is oxidized or not. Oxidized LDL is toxic to the lining of our blood vessels. It injures them immediately. Reduction of the oxidation of LDL cholesterol is profound in the takers of Juice Plus+ and even smokers who already have damaged blood vessels due to smoking.

Juice Plus+ also helps maintain blood pressure levels already within a healthy range. This has been demonstrated through a research study.

  • Juice Plus+ Supports Immune Health

Juice Plus+ supports health immune system with better balance. This makes a big difference in our lives. Combined results of four studies have shown that Juice Plus+ reduces the severity of upper respiratory challenges, reduces the number of lost work days and increases the number and activity of circulating immune cells.

  • Juice Plus+ Helps Protect DNA and Reduces Oxidative Stress

Juice Plus+ has been shown to help protect DNA – the blueprint of every cell. Combined results of 3 studies has reported 7-12 percent damage reduction over 60 days in healthy middle-aged population, 44 percent reduction over 77 days in a young population and 66 percent reduction among elderly participants over the period of 80 days.

Juice Plus+ also reduces oxidative stress. Oxidative stress refers to the imbalance between the free radicals being produced in the body and the body’s ability to counteract their harmful effects by neutralizing antioxidants. We need free radicals in the body, but if there are too many of them, they’ll tear down our health at an accelerating rate. Juice Plus+ supplements soak up or reduce the damage of oxidation. This has been seen in all kinds of populations including four separate studies in elite athletes working all out at maximum capacity. What’s amazing about those studies’ results is that the participants who were given placebo accumulated a very large amount of permanent protein damage. On the other hand, those who were on Juice Plus+ had a great protection against protein damage.

  • Juice Plus+ Supports Healthy Skin

Some studies show that Juice Plus+ supports healthy skin. The body requires proper circulation to promote healthy skin. Good blood circulation in the body ensures that nutrients and oxygen reach the skin tissue and give it a glow. Research shows that Juice Plus increase skin micro-circulation by 39 percent and boosts skin hydration, skin density and skin thickness. All of these qualities make people look younger.

  • Juice Plus+ Supports Healthy Gums

I didn’t know about this until I delved down into the details of the research on Juice Plus+. The biggest source of inflammatory burden in human beings is infection at the sights of the gums. In a study, Juice Plus+ was found effective in improving pocket depth, reducing plaque accumulation and reducing bleeding on probing.

  • Juice Plus+ Improves Supports Lung Health in Smokers

Many experts agree that Nicotine is the most addictive substance known to humanity. It is very difficult for people to stop smoking. People – whether they stop or not – deserve the best protection of their body. A study showed that Juice Plus+ improves several parameters of respiratory function like forced expiratory flow and diffusion capacity in smokers.

Juice Plus+ has worked for me and my children. It has improved our health and changed the way we live our life. But, I am not telling you to believe me. Instead, believe the research. As discussed above, independent research studies have shown the effectiveness of Dan Holzmann’s Juice Plus+. The research shows that Juice Plus+ supplements really do work. When researchers have spent time and effort determining the effectiveness of Juice Plus+ and provided us with unbiased results, we really can’t doubt the effectiveness of Juice Plus+ in improving our health.