Illegal diet Drugs are dangerous

Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance in America are warning of the potential serious risk involved in taking “diet pills” which are mostly manufactured in South America.

They say that many of the drugs are effective in reducing weight. But they say the reason for this success is the fact that the drugs include a considerable amount of amphetamines.

This is the same drug that these dieting adults would be horrified to learn of, if their teenage kids were indulging in “speed”.

Although the amounts are considerably less than taken by those attempting to get “high” these illegal diet pills, still contain enough amphetamines to cause considerable health risks.

Many users of these diet pills baffle their doctors when they present with problems that their medical practitioner cannot explain because he is unaware that the patient is taking diet pills that are often sold as natural or herbal when in fact they are purely chemical.

Many Americans take these drugs some of which are well-known brand names such as fenproporex unaware that they are banned by the US Food and Drug Administration because of their amphetamine related side-effects.

These diet drugs can be very addictive and cause a range of serious side effects such as heart palpitations, chest pains, very severe aching of the bones throughout the entire body, severe insomnia and headaches.