5 OTC Diet Pills – Are They Safe And Effective?

Gaining weight is the easiest thing to do. But when it comes to losing those unwanted extra pounds, nothing in the world seems tougher than that.

Losing weight on its own seems very tough and people look around for help.

Market is flooded with numerous helps like diet plans, exercise plans and not to forget those irresistible diet pills.

You might have found many over the counter diet pills in your local grocery stores and drug stores.

They almost seem to be irresistible for those who are desperate to lose those extra pounds and get back to shape.

These pills claim losing weight to be like a piece of cake. But the safety and effectiveness of these pills are still controversial. This article analyzes such 5 OTC diet pills that might attract you.

Ephedra: Though banned from the marketplace, they are still illegally sold and are also sold legally as tea. They are still illegally sold on Internet.

But wait! Before you pick up one of those, know about its potential effects and side effects. They can cause drastic side effects like high blood pressure, seizure, and sleeplessness, heart beat irregularities, heart attacks, strokes and even death.

Bitter orange is other weight loss pill, which is a substitute of ephedra and can have side effects similar to it. Country mallow (heart leaf) is another popular diet pill that has ephedra and so is unsafe to use.

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