Be Cautious About Side Effects While Using Prescription Weight Loss Pills

Prescription Weight Loss PillsWeight loss pills are used to reduce your weight.

Basically these weight loss pills are divided into three types, they are:

  • Prescription weight loss pills
  • Over-the-counter weight loss pills
  • Natural herbal supplements

Prescription weight loss pills are the drugs which should be consumed by doctor’s prescription only.

You should not try to consume these pills with out doctor’s suggestion, because several weight loss pills are available in market and you may not know clearly which pill is suitable for you to lose weight.

Before buying the prescription weight loss pills you have to check for the mark of certification from centre for drug evaluation and research at the food and drug administration, because there are several weight loss pills which cause harmful side effects to consumers.

These prescription weight loss pills can be found at pharmacy, drugstore and health or vitamin store. You can use these pills if you don’t want to perform exercise and rigid workout.

But, the process of losing weight through exercise is the best process without any side effects and health problems.

Prescription weight loss pills will work on two primary strategies they are: suppressing your appetite and blocking your body ability to absorb fat. Mostly usage of these prescribed pills will be done by the people those who eat more than the given meals in a day.

By consuming these prescription weight loss pills your brain will be stimulated into thinking that your stomach is still full and you will not be tempted to eat. However, these prescription diet pills do not necessarily mean that you have to skip your meals.

You can eat your usual meals everyday by using them; it is not good for your health to skip meals.

Apart from suppressing appetite, these weight loss prescription pills will block the capability of the body to absorb fat by dropping your body’s lipase enzyme.  The fat which is present in your body will be lessened with this lipase enzyme.

Usage of prescription weight loss pills: You should use these pills under the supervision and recommendation of your doctor. You have to use them only as they directed. Usually these pills will be taken once per day with breakfast.

If they have small dosage then your doctor may suggest using twice per day. These prescription weight loss pills should be swallowed by whole; they should not be crushed or chewed.

Disadvantages with prescription weight loss pills:

  • Some prescription weight loss pills can have serious side effects.
  • These pills can disturb your metabolism.
  • Usage of these pills can potentially lead to pills dependency.
  • Your body will develop a tolerance to the drug by using these prescription weight loss pills.
  • There are more chances to gain weight again after stopping usage of these pills.

These are the main disadvantages with prescription weight loss pills. The most important aspect that you have to remember is these pills are not suitable for children. Only adults should use these pills.