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fast food and obesity

Relation Between Fast Food and Obesity

Though obesity and its related diseases have increased, it has to be noticed that the number of fast food restaurants has also grown up...
junk food and depression

Relation Between Depression and Fast Foods-Myth or Reality

Effects of eating Junk Food It is common knowledge that eating junk food increases our weight and leads to obesity. Junk food creates an unsatiated...
Healthy Fast Food

Healthy Fast Food is No More a Fad

Healthy Fast Food The very phrase “healthy fast food” might sound as something unbelievable or just some catchy slogan for advertising and publicity purposes. But...

Are You Guilty Of Snack-Bribing Your Child?

Imagine this very typical scenario – you are taking a road trip or even just stuck in traffic with a child strapped in the...

UK Fast Food Consumption in 2009

Britons are the number one guzzlers when it comes to fast food. According to the latest study, Brits are the keenest...
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